all right for someone

all right for someone
adj infml

That sort of bike may be all right for little kids, but now I'm twelve I want a proper racing model — Этот велосипед для детей, а мне нужна спортивная модель, ведь мне уже двенадцать

Working in a nine-to-five office job may be all right for some but it wouldn't suit me at all — Может, кому-то и нравится работать в учреждении "от" и "до", но мне это не подходит


It's all right for you to talk — Хорошо тебе говорить

It's all right for him to laugh — Хорошо ему смеяться

It's all right for you, but it's not your car — Тебе-то хорошо, это не твоя машина

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  • (it's) all right for someone — (it’s) all right for someone spoken phrase used for saying that someone is lucky because they do not have the same problems as you It’s all right for you: you’ve got a car, but I have to carry my own bags home. Thesaurus: ways of saying that… …   Useful english dictionary

  • all right — all right1 adjective, adverb MAINLY SPOKEN *** ▸ 1 fairly/very good ▸ 2 going well ▸ 3 for permission ▸ 4 not hurt/sick ▸ 5 for making someone less upset ▸ 6 for admitting something ▸ + PHRASES 1. ) satisfactory or fairly pleasant, but not… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • (it's) all right for some (people) — (it’s) all right for some (people) british spoken phrase used for saying that you think someone is very lucky ‘Their parents are buying them a house.’ ‘All right for some!’ Thesaurus: ways of saying that something or someone is luckysynonym luck… …   Useful english dictionary

  • all right */*/*/ — I UK / US adjective, adverb mainly spoken 1) a) satisfactory or fairly pleasant, but not excellent Manchester s all right, but I d rather live in London. My teacher is all right, but she doesn t really listen to me. b) very good or nice What s… …   English dictionary

  • all right — W2S1 adj, adv, interjection [not before noun] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(good)¦ 2¦(no problems)¦ 3 do all right (for yourself/herself etc) 4¦(suitable)¦ 5 it s all right 6 it s/that s all right 7¦(permission)¦ 8¦(agreement)¦ 9¦(understanding)¦ …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • all right — 1 / . ./ adjective, adverb (not before noun) spoken 1 SATISFACTORY satisfactory or acceptable but not excellent: What s the food like? Well, it s all right I suppose, but the place on Melrose Avenue is better. | How s school going, Steve? Oh, all …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • all right — /ɔl ˈraɪt / (say awl ruyt) adjective 1. in good condition; not harmed, damaged or sick. 2. satisfactory but not outstanding: his work is all right, but not worth a raise. 3. acceptable or permissible: is it all right if I leave early? 4. (of a… …  

  • ˌall ˈright */*/ — adj, adv spoken I 1) satisfactory or fairly nice, but not excellent Manchester s all right, but I d rather live in London.[/ex] 2) going well or happening successfully Did the party go all right?[/ex] My brother was unemployed for years but he s… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • All right? — This is used a lot around London and the south to mean, Hello, how are you ? You would say it to a complete stranger or someone you knew. The normal response would be for them to say All right ? back to you. It is said as a question. Sometimes it …   The American's guide to speaking British

  • We're Gonna Be All Right — Infobox Television episode Title = We re Gonna Be All Right Series = Desperate Housewives Caption = Felicia is Noah s new nurse. Season = 2 Episode = 12 Airdate = January 15, 2006 Production = Writer = Alexandra Cunningham Director = David… …   Wikipedia

  • it's all right — it’s/that’s/all right phrase used when someone has thanked you or said sorry to you, to show that you do not mind ‘Thanks for the lift.’ ‘That’s all right.’ Thesaurus: ways of accepting someone s thankssynonym Main entry: all right …   Useful english dictionary

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